A Doll's House Part 2, Annie Russell Theatre (Associate Director)

As Associate Director, I worked with the Director on analyzing and refining moments throughout the show. I was also responsible for blocking and polishing the play's second scene, where Nora and Torvald speak to each other for the first time in fifteen years.

A House Call, On the Avenue Productions (Director)

See the full performance here:

Next to Normal, Annie Russell Theatre ("Dan")

Pinning, Punning, Pining, Breakthrough Theatre (Director)

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Annie Russell Theatre (Associate Director)

As Associate Director, I was responsible for staging and polishing this section of Act Two where Big Daddy corners Brick about his behavior.

Various virtual theatre endeavors during 2020

During 2020, as theatre was forced to go virtual, I took on a myriad of artistic projects. These included directing a production for my college's virtual students who could not access in person theatre opportunities, a directing course with the Yale Summer Session, and working on a staged reading of my play for a virtual play festival.

When We Were Young and Unafraid, Rollins Players (Director)

"A Practical Approach to Directing", Yale Summer Session

Humanity Bound, One Egg No Batter Productions (Playwright)

Private Lies: Improvised Film Noir, Annie Russell Theatre ("Eddie the Hand")

The Essay, On the Avenue Productions (Director, Playwright, "Son")