Michael McNamara

Director, Actor, Improviser

About Me

I am a Candidate for a Master of Fine Arts in Directing and an artist with several years of professional and academic experience in directing, acting, and improvisation. At the core of my approach to dramatic storytelling is my commitment to collaboration and care. Every rehearsal and performance is a chance to practice the values we believe in and tell stories in a responsible way. Above all, I hope to positively contribute to the communities I call home through my work as a theatre artist.

Recent Projects

Check out my most recent directing project! Variations on a Theme, a fully improvised long-form show created by David Charles, performed at Western Illinois University. Show begins at 27:38. (Dec 2023)

Thank you to the Robin Hood International Improv Festival for letting me speak virtually this year about my theatre research! I am grateful for any chance to talk about directing, improv, and ethical caring. (Sep 2023)

Thank you again to the cast and crew of A House Call, written by Joe Kolasa! Missed the show? No worries, you can watch the whole performance here: